Absinthe 10cl
  • Absinthe 10cl

Absinthe 10cl


(€100.00 Litre)

Very typical absinthe. Composed of a clever blend of absinthe, sagebrush, green anise and lemon balm, it is delicately sweet and slightly spicy.


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Absente, born in 1999, was the first legal absinthe on the market since its ban.

Absente is composed of absinthe, anise, mint and spices that give it balance, delicacy, freshness and aromatic persistence.

Absinthe, nicknamed “green fairy” and banned in 1915, was re-authorised in 1988, provided that its content of red cedar (the active ingredient of the plant which, at high doses, was supposed to cause insanity) did not exceed 35 mg/kg. Much appreciated for its absinthe taste and its green reflections, this alcohol has seduced many artists including Van Gogh, Baudelaire, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Oscar Wilde... The famous tasting ritual is always practiced according to tradition, by pouring water on the absinthe through a perforated spoon holding a sugar. Absinthe is made by macerating plants (large absinthe, small absinthe, green anise, fennel,...) in a mixture of alcohol and water, followed by distillation. It contains between 55% and 75% alcohol.

Tasting tips : Ready to drink, no need to add sugar. Enjoy nature, on ice, with 3 times its volume of fresh water.


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